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Ramping up Flutter Development

While I am still CTO/CIO/CINO at and, I am also ramping up my skills in hands-on Flutter development for cross-platform mobile, desktop, and web development.

I have been increasingly using Flutter and dart for various projects and clients. My younger two sons are both professional mobile app developers, and the youngest is Flutter certified.

Now I am ramping up doing so for the companies I work for, as well as my own projects that will benefit from my increasing my abilities with this skill set:


I am also taking on an open-ended paid contract working for a healthcare technology company based in Texas as a full-time Flutter developer (among the usual "many hats" roles I usually end up filling).


Contact Hawke

I am usually very busy working on exciting projects that are helping improve the overall human condition.

My schedule is very full, and rarely check social media, and I do not accept unscheduled phone calls (though I do check my voice mail).

Email is the best form of communication.

If you would like to schedule a phone call or online meeting with me, please use the link below:



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