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My preferred development release cycles list of environments
Many companies can't afford this, so there are many variations, but when I have been fortunate enough to work for organizations (or I had the money myself) to have the ideal resources in place, this it what it looks like for me to ensure 99.999% or better up times each year...
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Remember CTRL-L for File Selector Full Text File Path Feature in Firefox Instead of 28+ Mouse Clicks Every Time
Using a mouse is 4-10x less efficient than hotkeys and typing. But alas, so many apps force you to use a mouse for repetitive tasks. This had stumped for a while after Firefox removed the full text path for the Select File dialog. Finally I found how to bring that back, CTRL-L!
If killall by name not working try pkill -f
In recent years some distros and apps no loger responding to kill -9 <app name> such as killall -9 firefox.
Increasingly Unmotived, Mercenary, Unethical, and Unaltrustic Global Work Force Culture and the Correlated Poisoning of the Open Source Movement
There has been a very disturbing increase in a trend over the past 5-10 years in the volunteer, paid, and opensource sectors: decreasing worth ethic, lack of motivation, and increasingly severe mercenary and inconsiderate attitudes and behaviors from workers and developers. This trend pre-dates covid. Of course, correlation does not prove causality, but these are some parallel observations.
80% of projects and companies don't need 100% custom-coding!
There has been a growing trend in the past 10 years or so regressing back to 100% custom-coding everything. This is a ludicrous waste of time and money, and around 80% of the time completely unnecessary and very unwise...
Almost 2 years later and still no Fxtec F(x)tec PRO┬╣ X 256/8GB - QWERTY Smartphone :-(
I ordered this $900 phone back in December 2021, and in September 2023 still no phone and just continued stall tactic.
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