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Alienware M11x R2 with Open Suse 64 bit
by Hawke Robinson published Aug 30, 2011 last modified Oct 25, 2015 11:12 PM — filed under:
I recently updated my Alienware by installing Suse 11.4 (& 12.1). As usual, I did not attempt to upgrade the existing 11.3 install, but instead performed a fresh install. Here is some information on what was necessary to make everything work as best as possible with this combination.
Asus G74SX A1 on OpenSuse 12.1 and Suse 12.3 (64 bit)
by Hawke Robinson published Feb 04, 2012 last modified Oct 25, 2015 11:32 PM — filed under: ,
All of the critical functions work, but some of the secondary features require some tweaking to make full use of this wonderful portable workstation behemoth.
Bitwig Studio 1.0 on OpenSuse Linux 13
by Hawke Robinson published Oct 29, 2014 last modified Jul 26, 2016 05:14 PM — filed under: , ,
I am glad that a major DAW product has been created that supports Linux as well as Windows and Mac. Folks that previously worked for major DAW companies have gone independent and with much fanfare released their 1.0 product. ...
Can't start Libreoffice in Parrot OS after updates
by Hawke Robinson published May 23, 2018 last modified May 23, 2018 01:43 PM — filed under: ,
Notes on how to fix java and Libreoffice in Parrot OS if start having trouble after updates...
Canon Pixma IP90 Portable Printer and Linux
by Hawke Robinson published Oct 20, 2011 last modified Oct 25, 2015 11:06 PM — filed under: , ,
Just a quick reminder about the Canon Pixma IP90 Portable Printer and Linux...
Cent OS 8 Linux on Dell XPS 2-in-1
by Hawke Robinson published Dec 09, 2019 last modified Dec 09, 2019 10:09 PM — filed under: , , , , , , , , ,
Recently "upgraded" from Cent OS 7 on my Dell XPS 2 in 1 to Cent OS 8. This has a slew of challenges and differences from similar efforts with other distros. This page will be a capture of my notes.
centos decrypt luks "feature only available with HAL" trinity
by Hawke Robinson published Aug 12, 2019 last modified Aug 12, 2019 11:43 AM — filed under: , , , ,
Trouble decrypting LUKS encrypted device in Cent OS 7 using Trinity Desktop Environment (TDE). Quick notes to address.
Change Java version used for Firefox under OpenSuse 11.4 and other versions
by Hawke Robinson published Apr 14, 2012 last modified Oct 25, 2015 11:03 PM — filed under: , , ,
Typically Open Suse cofnigures Firefox to use Open Java as the default java binary. However this doesn't work well for a number of sites, so you may find it necessary to install the Sun JRE and browser plugin...
Completely Giving Up on KDE4's Kmail2
by Hawke Robinson published Jun 03, 2015 last modified Oct 25, 2015 11:59 PM — filed under:
I have gladly used Kmail for more than a dozen years. When KDE4 started pushing Kmail2, I lived with the growing pains of transition. But enough already. It has been years and years, and Kmail2 just gets more and more broken with each release!
Debian Stretch 9.5 and Trinity Desktop Environment TDE
by Hawke Robinson published Aug 20, 2018 last modified Dec 26, 2018 12:19 AM — filed under:
I am sick and tired of KDE4 & KDE5 being so awful. I can't stand the totally unproductive interfaces of Gnome. I find the minimalist Desktops pitiful. By far the most productive Desktop Environment was KDE 3.5. But long dead right? Thank goodness, no, there is TDE aka Trinity to save the day! I hope. Here I will log my experiences with Trinity Desktop Environment from the beginning, and progression.