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This is what I think of PHP
This Dilbert comic sums up what I think of PHP-based technologist/websites. Many years ago I had to support a lot of people that foolishly ran sites that had sadly been setup on platforms written in PHP... And I have continued to watch that insanity keep spreading. "What fools these mortals be!"..."forgive them they know not what they do!".
Plone 5, Apache, and SSL with Lets Encrypt
Walkthrough setting up SSL using Let's Encrypt by EFF, for a setup using Apache web server front end relaying to Plone 5.
Can't start Libreoffice in Parrot OS after updates
Notes on how to fix java and Libreoffice in Parrot OS if start having trouble after updates...
Trying to get Plone working on OpenBSD (part deux) - SUCCESS! (update: well, mostly)
Years ago I fought with trying to get Plone to work on OpenBSD, to no avail. Recently I was able to get Plone 4.3 working on OpenBSD 6.0, but not Plone 5.0.6.. I was finally able to get Plone 5.0.7 Unified Installer working on OpenBSD 6.1!
Trick to get New Skype for Linux working with alternate Microphone
It took several false starts before I finally figured this out. The new Skype for Linux (2017) is no longer a separate dedicated application, it is a Chromium web app. This version of Skype has no options for changing default microphone! But, here's the trick...
Old Technology Grognard's Opinion Piece On Current Hype About Blockchain Buzzword Bingo
I've been involved with computer/information technology since 1979, and online since the same time. This is just a quick response to an email conversation I had with someone, that I thought might be worth capturing here. Much of what I state is arguable, so take it as the opinion piece that it is, rather than the more instructional pieces I usually write. Cheers!
Green Light for Phase 2 of ZOE
This weekend received the okay to proceed with phase 2 of Zombie Orpheus Entertainment's platform development.
Guidance on a More Effective Approach to Your Project and Coding
This posting is about some very basic, but FUNDAMENTAL, steps that should be taken with every project at all levels. Taking short cuts on these basics "passes the buck" down to others and is very inconsiderate of everyone that comes after you, so please make this a basic habit for everything you do, if not for yourself, then for everyone else that has to look at your project or code later (you won't be around forever).
The RPG Network Project Starting to Come Together
I have had a number of ideas on the backburner for nearly 15 years, and I am finally starting to bring them to the front. The technology, and probably the market, I didn't think was ready back then, so I set it aside until I thought I saw interest growing, and the Internet use of users might be interested. Now I think my ideas for "The RPG Network" might have some interest, and I am hoping to get things launched by sometime in November, other priorities permitting of course.
Discord With Discourse
The people at should be embarrassed, if not downright ashamed, with their product and founder. Do not use the Discourse forum product or services. I can now recommend people instead consider using NodeBB, NOT Discourse.