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Synthetic Zen Show 005 20061217 Missing Beginning Tech Talk Plus Synthetic Zen

Tech Talk With Hawke. Introduction missing. Length: 25 minutes. Topics covered: Government military frequencies impacting garages doors rolling code impacts over 50 million garage door openers Tor network helps anonymize your network browsing a bit. Analysis of voter machine issues, vulnerabilities, and auditing. SANS Institute founded by the NSA and FBI, and Hawke's ceritification through the SANS GIAC. EFF accepts Barney's surrender. EFF still fighting for shielding of email from government search and seize. E-passport security comporised within 5 minutes. British newspaper demonstrates how to bypass e-passort information. Vista (Longhorn) vs. Cairo (NT) a Microsoft history lesson, and repeating the mistakes while adding some additional problems making life more difficult for the users... SuSE Linux. Novell. Caldera Linux, later SCO, patent infringement false claims, slowed down Linux adoption by CTO's and CIO's, funded by Microsoft, all bogus claims by SCO/Caldera, but unfortunately damage done to slow down adoption in the USA. Conversion of Windows to Linux all over the world (though slowest in the USA)... Novell and Microsoft announce interoperability agreement... You can NOT buy out Linux itself. Microsoft contacted me about working on project to integrate Linux with Windows (but actually an attempt to subvert such integration). Explanation of programming languages and source code, Java, Smalltalk, C++, and differences. Microsoft's sabotage attempt of Java, and court conviction of guilt in United States Federal court for 20 million USD fine (later also in the European Union courts in 2008-2009 for fine of over 2 Billion dollars!) Sun community license. Note shortly after this show, Sun Microsystems made Java fully opensource. Still waiting to hear back from the KYRS programming committee on approval of Tech Talk With Hawke Show. Please note that the URL is no longer techtalkwithhawke or Cuts off uncleanly. Sorry. Reference (Electronic Frontier Foundation) (News for Nerds, Stuff that matter) Artist: Tech Talk With Hawke Track number: None Album: Tech Talk With Hawke Year: 2006 Genre: Speech Comment: The Introduction is unfortunately missing from this one. Size: 11.5 MB File type: MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3 (audio/mpeg) Bit rate: 64 Kbps Frequency: 22 Khz Track length: 25:06 (mm:ss)