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Tech Talk With Hawke Kyrs 006 20061224

The Synthetic Zen Show, with the Tech Talk With Hawke Show. With "Techknowledgy" by the Utah Saints. Duration: 38 minutes Filesize: 17.5 MB Contents, see details... Another segment of Synthetic Zen focusing on technology's impact on privacy, security, and civil rightsTopics: Broadcast radio turns 100 years old this year Christmas Eve. 2006. On Christmas Eve 1906, presented world's first Radio broadcast. History of Radio. What is different about Tech Talk With Hawke compared to other technology talk shows. Google search "convicts hacker". Search terms were used in court to convict hacker by FBI. 60-80+ percent of security compromises caused by internal resources (such as current/ex-employee). Through MAC address spoofing pretended to be different user device. Vista exploit code against Vista published on Russian hacker site cause memory corruption, and zero day exploits being sold for over 100,000 USD. Explanation of zero day, 0 day exploits. Script / Skript kiddie defintion re-explained. Texas Judge rules against deep linking of content. SFX site is trying to prohibit direct link to their own site. Implication is that if you have a favorite link to image or video from your site to theirs, you could be in violation of the copyright laws of the United States! Re-explanation of DeCss (DVD encryption / decryption) and DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act). Re-review of 2600 Magazine - Hacker Quarterly fight against the DMCA and United States Government and those claiming "cyber-terrorism". How the DMCA has become ridiculously abused and over reaching in regards to direct linking. Republican aide attempts to hire hackers through to improve his educational records. P2p (Peer to peer) file sharing update, judge/court backlash against bulk (reverse class action) lawsuit filings of RIAA and MPAA against many "John Doe" 's simultaneously. Just because a file/folder is shared is not acceptable for guilt of file share user. Top Viruses, Worms, and Malware in 2006. The biggest snooper, the most moralistic, most sensationalist, the most tenacious, most diligent (phishing), most mischievous, top spyware, etc. Definition of phishing, how it works, and the risks. Librarians stake their future on OSS (Open Source Software) in Georgia, USA. SCO asks court to consider IBM's dismissal in lawsuit against IBM, Redhat, and other Linux distributors. But court considers this request ridiculous and dismisses the SCO request (funded by Microsoft, as detailed in previous shows). Microsoft's ongoing effots to attempt to stop the mass transition of corporations from Microsoft to Linux, through dishonest marketing attacks. References: Tech Talk With Hawke Track number: None Album: Tech Talk With Hawke Year: 2006 Genre: Speech Size: 17.5 MB File type: MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3 (audio/mpeg) Bit rate: 64 Kbps Frequency: 22 Khz Track length: 38:14 (mm:ss)

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