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Odoo 12 Changing Upload limits
by Hawke Robinson published Jan 12, 2021 last modified Jan 12, 2021 09:57 PM — filed under: , ,
Since Odoo 13 was so inherently unstable we moved to Odoo 12 (had to fresh install, no backward migration option). This posting covers file and data size considerations.
Apache OFBiz on OpenBSD
by Hawke Robinson published Jan 09, 2019 last modified Jun 02, 2019 09:15 AM — filed under: , , ,
Notes on installing Apache's OFBiz on OpenBSD.
Discord on CentOS 7
by Hawke Robinson published Jan 09, 2019 — filed under: , ,
Quick notes on install Discord on CentOS7
Discord With Discourse
by Hawke Robinson published Nov 17, 2016 last modified Dec 02, 2016 02:04 PM — filed under: , , , ,
The people at should be embarrassed, if not downright ashamed, with their product and founder. Do not use the Discourse forum product or services. I can now recommend people instead consider using NodeBB, NOT Discourse.
Virtual Reality (VR), Role-Playing Games (RPG), Linux, Research
by Hawke Robinson published Jun 12, 2018 — filed under: , , ,
Research updates on using VR in 2018 for RPGs, and any options for Linux use...
Add public scheduling to Odoo
by Hawke Robinson published Nov 16, 2020 — filed under: ,
Here is a great free app compatible with Odoo 12 to allow public users to book appointments easily using the app s2u_online_appointment.
At 2,000 and climbing - Success Setting Up Environment for Load-testing AWS Jitsi 1000 Video Users - Onward to 5000+ - However Jitsi fails at 650 users standalone all-in-one
by Hawke Robinson published May 20, 2021 last modified Jun 05, 2021 05:41 PM — filed under: , , , ,
I am working on a longitudinal series of projects that heavily involve the use of Jitsi, especially in educational settings. This is for large scale environments that have highly demanding loads, and are intended as Zoom replacements in the USA and worldwide. This is just one of a number of components. Today was great to finally reach the 1,000 simulated video users load test basic baseline. Next goal is 5,000+, and then adding in additional features and still trying to keep it all working on this scale (recordings, transcriptions, closed captioning, intricate chat options, complex permissions managements, file management, and much more). Great things happening!
Change test email address for Odoo 12
by Hawke Robinson published Jan 18, 2021 — filed under: ,
Odoo 12's default test outbound email template attempts to send email to This needs to be changed to something useful in a production setup.
Jitsi Architecture Variants
by Hawke Robinson published Jun 10, 2021 last modified Jul 13, 2021 08:01 AM — filed under: ,
Due to Jitsi’s modular, opensource, and highly configurable nature, there are many different architecture variations available when deploying a Jitsi ecosystem. This posting attempts to summarize, some more theoretical for the sake of discussion and analysis, a wide range of variants to consider for different implementations. Which Jitsi Architecture Variant to choose is based on each individual's specific scope and budget. Each successive variation tends to be more complicated than the prior variant. Note that these are NOT Jitsi official variations or terminology. These variation distinctions were created by Hawke Robinson as an attempt to bring some order to the many different potential approaches, and increase clarity when considering scalability, features, and budget constraints.
OpenSuse 42.3 on Dell Precision 7720 Xeon
by Hawke Robinson published Oct 09, 2017 last modified Nov 02, 2017 03:52 PM — filed under: , , , , ,
Here are the details for getting OpenSuse 42.3 working on Dell's laptop Precision 7720 custom build with Xeon processor and AMD WX 7100 GPU...