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Plone Enable RSS Syndication
To enable rss feed syndication in Plone 4.1 simply add synPropertiesForm to the folder you wish to enable, then click the "Enable Syndication" button. Then...
Plone 5, Apache, and SSL with Lets Encrypt
Walkthrough setting up SSL using Let's Encrypt by EFF, for a setup using Apache web server front end relaying to Plone 5.
Trying to get Plone working on OpenBSD (part deux) - SUCCESS! (update: well, mostly)
Years ago I fought with trying to get Plone to work on OpenBSD, to no avail. Recently I was able to get Plone 4.3 working on OpenBSD 6.0, but not Plone 5.0.6.. I was finally able to get Plone 5.0.7 Unified Installer working on OpenBSD 6.1!
Change Plone Logo link from Home to External URL
I didn't get any useful responses from the Plone IRC channel this unfortunately, but after a while of digging, and a lot of trial and error, I finally figured out how to make this change easily.
Important Plone Hotfix 20150910
Important to apply Plone Hotfix 20150910 for registration spam and other security issues.
Open Source, like Plone, becoming too mercenary?
It seems in recent years a number of the "open source" communities have become exponentially mercenary, scaling down the core of products to try to force paid development or add ons. Plone is just one of many examples of this unfortunate trend in the open source community (which I have been a part of since the 1980s)...
Plone 5 Cookie Session Timeout
Quick note reminder on how to set the session duration from the very short default of only around 20 minutes, to something more useful...
pas.plugins.ldap on Plone 5.0.6
Having trouble getting this to work. Since and and others limit the size, posting here so can see full process and logs in detail. Critical to get LDAP support working for Plone. Hopefully someone can help figure out what is wrong. Thanks!
Making Ploneboard 2.2 run with Plone 4.1
Ploneboard 2.2 now installs on Plone 4.1 using buildout, but then the cluster won't start, causing plenty of disconnects/connects errors in client1, client2, and zeoserver log files. However, this simple hack to one line of the Ploneboard eggs code will get it working....
Plone export, import, and bulk import of zexp files
The general consensus in trying to use zexp to export and import between different versions of Plone, is that "It's not just "not recommended" -- it doesn't work. Period." -SteveM #plone IRC. However, they are wrong, in very specific circumstances...