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Change Plone Logo link from Home to External URL

I didn't get any useful responses from the Plone IRC channel this unfortunately, but after a while of digging, and a lot of trial and error, I finally figured out how to make this change easily.

The goal:

Change the URL for the header/banner/logo at the top of the website from pointing to "Home" (aka portal_navigation_url" to an external website. This was specifically for the RPG Trailer fundraiser at to point to its donation page at

Using ZMI, go to:


Select plone.logo which links to:


Delete the two lines:

    tal:attributes="href view/navigation_root_url;
    title view/navigation_root_title"

And replace them with (keep indent of course):


Save changes. Load that website, and click the logo/banner at the top of the site, and verify it goes to the desired website.


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