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Installing Gnu Health

Information on setting up GnuHealth on Cent OS 7 and/or OpenBSD 6.


CentOS 7

Go to

And download Hospital Management System (or other applicable section):

Extract into desired directory for setup.

cd into the extracted dir.

then run setup:




If python version problem (need python36+) or dependencies need to be added:


May need to create virtualenv of newer python, you do not want to clobber the existint python2 system install.


see this:




tar -zxvf Python-3.6.8.tgz

 cd Python-3.6.8/

./configure --prefix=/usr/local --enable-unicode=ucs4 --enable-shared LDFLAGS="-Wl,-rpath /usr/local/lib"

./configure --enable-optimizations

make && make altinstall




 yum update

yum install python-tools  (to add 2to3 command to centos)






OpenBSD 6.4













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