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Fn keys (function keys) on Microsoft Surface Pro and Windows 8.1

The Windows 8.1 upgrade "broke" a number of features on my Surface Pro 64. I found one simple work around that was a little tricky to find...

 While under Windows 8, the function keys ran the speakers, Home went to the beginning of a line (CTRL -Home to beginning of document), End to end of line (CTRL-End to end of document), under Windows 8.1, you have to add the Fn+ (Function) key, that's a pain for frequently used keys, here is a simple workaround....

With 8.0 it was CTRL+End for the end of a page, and just End for end of line.

under 8.1 it pulls up other functions, and the Home key doesn't work at all, unless you hold the Fn key first (Fn+Home or Fn+End). That isn't terrible, but then I often find myself jumping from the beginning to end of documents a lot, so with Windows 8 this was simply:

CTRL + End -> go to end of document

CTRL + Home -> go to beginning of document.

But with 8.1 it is

FN + CTRL + End, and Fn + CTRL + Home, respectively, few too many keys for a frequently used function (in my case).

After lots of searching for a means to 'fix' this back to original 8.0 functionality, I stumbled across a workaround, simply hit the;

Fn + Caps Lock

This will invert the Function Keys features. Then just hit that combination again to switch it back.

Hope others find this helpful!


Now if I could fix the problems with the touch and stylus both being severely "messed up" since the 8.1 upgrade...... (I'm searching for an answer, and will post new articles when I find the solutions).

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