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The State of 4G in Spokane in 2011

T-mobile, Verizon, AT&T, Sprint. It looks unlikely that 4G will have much coverage in Spokane in 2011 for Verizon customers. T-mobile users have some spotty 4G coverage, that will hopefully improve.

4G coverage in Spokane is likely not going to be very good until at least 2012 or even 2013. However, some providers will be better than others.


Appears to be leading the pack. Already covering a few areas in Spokane, and continuing to build coverage.




Initiallly Verizon said they would not provide coverage in Spokane until 2012 at the earliest. Recently they said they would begin the early stages of rolling out 4G in Spokane in 2011 later this Summer. However, I just spoke with the Verizon folks this week, and there is NOT an established date at all set for service this year. Worse yet, the rates are terrible, and currently they do not plan to grandfather my unlimited bandwidth I have had for years if I try to switch now. However it was hinted that if I wait long enough, they may grandfather me into that as well. We'll see.... The rates for only 5G or 10G at $50 to $80 respectively is horribly expensive, I could go through that in just a few hours.












Other providers?