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Ploneboard with Plone 4

Ploneboard is not yet officially supported under Plone 4, however if you install the latest SVN version of Ploneboard under Plone 4.01, it can be made to work, there's just a few tricks to doing so...

If you are using the buildout method (as I am), then here are the changes that will need to be made to buildout.cfg:



eggs =



    ------- other products, etc. -----




Further down under the Development section:


develop =




And finally, at the bottom below the versions section:


recipe = infrae.subversion
urls = Products.Ploneboard
location = src



This uses infrae.subversion to grab the latest SVN of Products.Ploneboard, then "location = src" extracts the files to <instance>/src/Products.Ploneboard instead of eggs (I had trouble with the eggs, though maybe others can figure that out and post here).


Before you run bin/buildout, you may need ot manually download the source files, and extract them into the <ploneinstance>/src/ directory (maybe).



There are options to specify just one specific version of SVN rather than grabbing the latest every time you run buildout,  see the link in References section for all the other options. Anyhow, after adding the above changes to buildout.cfg, and running bin/buildout -v and restarting Zope/Plone, Attachment Support and Ploneboard were both listed as valid products to "Actibvate" in the "Site Setup" section.

Many thanks to the folks in the #plone channel who helped give enough hints to figure out how this works. Thanks aclark, macyet, & Wyn.

So far I'ved tested multople forum listings, with multiple postins, and replies ,and attachments, and all seem to work normally so far.












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