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Microsoft Surface Pro 64

Due to school requirements, I had to get this device....

Due to some recent course requirements, I needed something that I could draw with, and run full microsoft office.

The only device I could find in an affordable range before classes started in September, was the Surface Pro. I chose the lower end 64 GB ssd version.I had to get it due to the very stringent software requirements of some of my classes.

Its an adequate device.

This October 22nd the version 2 will be out. I will probably get it with the Best Buy upgrade option.

I will go for the 8gb version, but just the lower end 256 ssd (it has an SD slot so I can add more storage if needed later).

This is pretty much just a school-only device right now. It lacks the horsepower for my usual mutitasking. Most of my non-school work is on my Asus g74sx running Opensuse 12.3.

When I upgrade the surface, I might see about dual-booting a linux distro. If I can get one to work decently with the touchscreen interface, and the detachable keyboard, then I'll be happier.

The current one occassionally has to be reset, sometimes doesn't respond, and has less battery life than my Alienware m11xR2. My Alienware is an i7 cpu, while this surface is just a third gen i5. The 4th gen is supposed to have much better battery life, plus later offer a keyboard with battery boost.

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