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LG Enact Smartphone

I finally replaced my POS Motorola Bionic that I have hated so much, with the LG Enact KEYBOARD!!!!! phone. Here is information related to my experiences with it.

To make a full backup (without NAND) before rooting...

Enabled developer debugging through

Settings > Developer Options > Enable USB Debugging.

Chmod +x HoloBackupLinux

chmod +x adb

To back up with Simple ADB Backup / Holo Backup, run HoloBackupLinux

Under OpenSuse 13.1, needed to ad gksudo


USB Debugger (gtk app) not available in repo for OpenSuse 13.1.

And error gksudo command not found, gksudo not available for OpenSuse 13.1, but simply created (As root) a symlink of /usr/bin/sudo for /usr/bin/gksudo, and it bluffed it enough to work.


Next: gksudo: ./adb backup -apok -shared -all -nosystem- -f  /Android-related/omegavesko-SimpleADBBackup-0aac4aa/Backups/backup.ab: command not found

(needed to chmod +x adb to resolve )



trying it from Windoze 8.1 on Microsoft Surface Pro 2

Remember need Android SDK installed as well:


Need USB driver for LG Enact VS890 -





Does LG track past rooting the way Motorola has begun to do so?