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Is a Scam? Or just a poor implementation of their web-face, as a startup venture?

Recently had interactions with representatives from the organization "Team Decades" with CEO "Ron Norman". There are a LOT of red flags with this company. Is it just a start up, or an exceptionally complex scam?

I'm still investigating this. Here are the red flags about

Executive placement agency, that requires prospective executives to pay Team Decades up front.

Extremely pushy sales pitch, typical used car salesmen approach of "we don't work that way, you have to do it now", and offering either the $250 trial or $1,000 off.

Wanting $8,000+, for "people to listen to you twice per week for a month" to form an ideal resume and "jobs we already have for you", and marketing, and targeting specifics.

Financing to defer payments, but claim "always place someone so they never really have to pay" because they "roll it into the hiring fee for the employer" so the executive employee, being hired within 30 days,  doesn't really end up having to pay.

"Can't take credit cards through website, only do it by phone, that is the way we do it."

"Jobs not available to the public"

Exorbitant amount of "love bombing" and "ego stroking".

Most of the phones are part of variable VOIP system, though one contact was a known cell phone in New York, NY, matching where she claimed to be (though a LOT of road noise).

"Refundable" 2 session examples, $250. Is it really?

Why Whois only since May 20th, 2017.

Nothing in to show any longevity (or legitimacy).
Only using GoDaddy and WIX for website, not very impressive web hosting.
Website lacking a lot of specifics to make it feel "real".
Why only traffic a spike in June, but almost all traffic coming from
Not much listed in Alexa.
Not much either in
No Facebook presence?
No Twitter presence?
No general web chatter in any search engines.
All links and references are purchased PR postings on potentially fake
news sites.

Why is all the PR/"media" coverage I can find on "fake news" clone
sites, and the only listings that showed up in web searches on sites I
actually know, all listings are gone?

All seems to be generated by, definitely NOT a reputable resource.

Though listed in the Chambers of Commerce (though website doesn't link
to them though has the logos, which is odd), anyone can buy into that,
what about adding BBB to their listings instead?



I can't find a single scam report on any website, search engine, scam report site, etc. But that may be because they are fly by night, and haven't been around long enough to have any reports happen yet.




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