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Transitioning to Odoo 13

So, at long last I think we have found a complete replacement for Plone. It breaks my heart that the Plone developer community has fallen apart so badly, but it has been too many years of pain since the Plone 5.x approach has continued down a path that is too far off track from previous versions and typical open source. We are migrating to Odoo 13 Community Edition.

I'm not 100% happy with what we've selected community-wise, but functionally it solves all the problems we've posted over the years to the Plone sites, and solves so many others, so that our 260+ domains, multiple companies, and many communities can come back to life after being crippled by Plone 5 for so long waiting for them to deliver what was never delivered alas.

So, after evaluating hundreds of platforms, we're now rolling out Odoo 13. At least it is Python-based as well and not the horrific PHP disgustingness so ubiquitous these days. It is not perfect, but it is a HUGE improvement over what Plone has become (we would have gone back to Plone 4 if it had any real support left, but alas it has all but died too.

Expect to see postings of the trials, tribulations, and triumphs of rolling Odoo Community Edition out to all these sites in the coming months and years.