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Matrix Integration Manager 403 Forbidden

One day my matrix homeserver was working, then some days later, during a crucial demo, the widgets and integration server were giving me "403 Forbidden" with no explanation...
Matrix Integration Manager 403 Forbidden

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I assumed it was one of the many customizations I had been making to my Element-web config.json or Matrix-synapse homeserver.yaml configuration files. I am pretty good about making back ups of files before I edit or update them, So I incrementally rolled back each, but still no success.

The log files showed nothing useful, and the browser (and Element desktop application) did not provide any additional information.

The wdigets simply showed "403 Forbidden" in their widget frames.

When I clicked "Edit widgets, bridges & bots", the error shown was: Cannot connect to integration manager. The integration manager is offline or it cannot reach your homeserver.


Web searches were not helpful.

Eventually, as I back traced my steps toward the original setup, I noticed that the previously working federation settings were also no longer working correctly:


A ha! A useful clue finally!

I tracked down on the homeserver ~/.well-known/matrix/server  file was somehow inadvertently in the wrong directory (root of the ~/).

Simply moving the server file back int othe correct subdirectory, running the federation check was promising:


Checking back through Element, Widgets and integration server once again working! 





I hope that if others run into a similar issue, this will give you the fix. I was very frustrated for many hours trying to track this down (doh!).