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Potential Scam Alert warning pro wiki creation

Just a heads-up warning to be cautious about pro wiki creation

 hey first contacted me by Linkedin, then email.

Linkedin account from Anna Watson: ironically "It's about authenticity" in their banner. Lol.

Claiming to be with the organization for 3 years.

I performed a quick lookup of their website it had only been around a couple of weeks, though they claimed to have so many clients and duration.

pro wiki creation prowikicreation Registered: 2022-10-10T18:34:19Z (today is only October 26th, 2022).

These are all big red flags.

Furthermore, because the site was so new, there were ZERO website ratings.

I rejected hem outright.

I am posting here so that anyone in the future performing a search will find a web search result warning them about the potential fraud scam warning alert danger potential.

Here is an example of their email and what they are asking for, to watch out for in case you receive something similar:

"I hope you're doing great.

Thanks for your response, this email is regarding our whole process for
Wikipedia profile creation and the package.

Complete Process
Step1: Order Placement:
Once you plan to move forward you will be getting a service agreement
which will clearly state the terms and perks you will be getting with
that you will also be getting an NDA (Non - Disclosure Agreement) to
ensure the privacy of your information with that said a copyright
certificate will be share prior to the order placement to ensure that
you have 100% ownership of the content along with that you will also be
getting an official invoice, an official note from the company of your
purchase statement.

Step2: Research and Planning:
We will send you a basic questionnaire form which you have to fill out
and send back to us. In this phase, we will review all relevant news
articles and other materials and the filled questionnaire provided by
the client and through our professional research. We will distinguish
which information can be used for the wiki profile and create an outline

Step3: Drafting:
We will create a draft for your review that is based upon qualified

Step4: Communications & Modifications:
Discussion of the draft with you and make the appropriate changes

Step5 Uploading:
•    Submission of the page to the Wikipedia platform.
•    Monitoring community discussions
•    We will monitor the changes during the initial review by the
Wikipedia officials.
•    Wikipedia Editing Services Include:
•    Creating Appropriate Content
•    Following Insertion Guidelines
•    Article Formatting
•    Identifying and Qualifying Sources
•    Maintenance and Tag Removal
•    Keeping Your Content Posted
•    Providing Quick Delivery of Services
•    Globalization / Translation to Any Language
•    Establishing your Presence on Wikipedia

Please Note: The subject could have excellent information, top-notch
existence, and a high-quality article prepared. Still, if it does not
have significant media coverage from independent and reliable sources,
then the page is at a high risk of deletion as per the algorithm of
Wikipedia which gets updated on a weekly basis. Therefore, if we need
additional citations, posts, or media coverage, we will let you know and
make sure it doesn't get deleted, and if this scenario shows up you can
easily publish additional journal articles for an additional cost or
news coverage’s.

Step6: Article Monitoring, Maintenance, and Repair:
When a third party edits your page, we are alerted immediately. Our team
reviews the article to check whether the page is still balanced and
properly sourced by a qualified independent media outlet. If there are
any illegitimate edits to the page the changes will be reversed and
Maintenance can be used to ensure that you are not getting any negative
reviews, negative comments or critics on your page and maintenance will
also take care of the changes and edits required in near future for the
updates or news coverage you are going to receive.

Step7: Guarantee:
The page is not going to be deleted as we only accept projects which are
doable or can be successfully completed.

Here is Our Comprehensive Package

• Create a page from Scratch
• Creating a Wikipedia Content
• Research and Copywriting
• Inserting Wikipedia Guidelines
• Content Formatting as per the Wikipedia standards
• Integrating Sources as per the Wikipedia standards
• Monitoring and Repair
• Dedicated Editors
• Keyword Report
• Improved Search Engine Rankings
• Syntax and Grammar report
• 12 Months of Maintenance after approval with Unlimited Edits
• Google Knowledge Graph
• Experiencing quick responses and fast turnarounds
• Utilizing resources more productively
• Compliance with the Wikipedia standards
• Unlimited Revisions
• 100% Ownership Rights
• 100% Money Back Guarantee

The original price for the above package is $2999, but after applying a
flat 50% discount it will cost you only $1499 one time for the entire
package. (Limited time offer)

Once you're ready to proceed, let us know so we can build your NDA and
share the payment link with you.

If you have any concerns after reading the process and package please do
let us know.
Looking forward to getting a prompt response from your end.

Many thanks.
Kind Regards,
Anna Watson
Call/Whatsapp:+1 321 754 9102"


Screenshots of their website: