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TOR (The Onion Router) versus Facebook

If logging into Facebook via TOR, The Onion Router anonymizing IP masking tools, Facebook will give you a lot of grief over doing so...

After you first login, it Facebook's login process immediately states "Your account is locked", as a consequence of logging in from a device that Facebook does not recognize.

At first it asks you to complete a Captcha-style text/number display. Okay, not that big a deal.

But then it demands a security question or identify friends in photos, or randomly selected from other security options, such as more captch style text, cell phone text, etc.


I tried friends in photos out of curiosity, but the photos it showed rarely even had faces, and no one I recognized at all.You are only allowed 2 skips from the 3 photos shown per page. Worse yet, you have to match 5 friends. When you have close to a thousand friends, this is nigh to impossible from the selection presented.

You can also answer a security question, however it asked a security question that I had no idea about for that account (or any).

It turns out too, that you can only switch from one verification to another (photos versus question) twice, then they lock you out for at least an hour, or "try again from a device" Facebook recognizers.

Yet another reason, in addition to the previous article, to stop wasting time using Facebook.

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