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Almost 2 years later and still no Fxtec F(x)tec PRO¹ X 256/8GB - QWERTY Smartphone :-(

I ordered this $900 phone back in December 2021, and in September 2023 still no phone and just continued stall tactic.
Almost 2 years later and still no Fxtec F(x)tec PRO¹ X 256/8GB - QWERTY Smartphone :-( scam or just total incompetence?

Ordered phone in 2021/12/01 and now in September 2023 still no phone or estimate on receiving!

Their website and forums basically stopped updating months ago too, and they are trying to sell (sucker?) people into buying more of their (vaporware?) products. fxtec F(x)tec PRO¹ X 256/8GB - QWERTY Smartphone.

Even if they eventually fulfill this $900 phone 2 years later it was already not the latest technology by now it is going to be ancient. :-(

I stopped waiting and earlier this year bought the Unihertz Titan QWERTY keyboard smartphone, which is also quite rugged and has been okay (reminiscience of an extra wide Palm Treo).

Every attempt to contact fxtec just generates a generic shipping will resume soon message, month after month.

No specifics on where my order is in the queue, or ETA on arrival just every few months another newsletter announcement about further days but resuming shipping soon.

I don't know if this is s scam or just total and utter incompetence, but either way very disappointing.

I have 4 companies, so I can use this phone in parallel to the Titan for a side by side comparison of very different approaches to QWERTY smartphones.

I have dysgraphia and so very much need a physical keyboard. Even though I'm 6'7 (and hands proportionally larger than the average person), I find it difficult to use the Titan with only one hand for typing (which is what I hoped that format would be ideal for me.

However, they do have another phone slightly less wide (but not as ruggedized), that might be better for one hand typing.

However for 2-hand typing the regular Titan's wider keyboard is better than the Privia, Pre, or Treo (all of which I've owned), though the numbers layout leaves something to be desired. The Pre was the absolute best for blind/touch 1-thumb touch-typing, the Pre and Privia was doable but a little awkward for 1-thumb touch-typing.

If I'm going to use 2 hands though, I would like to see how this horizontal Fxtec phone compares, though I suspect it still won't compete with the full fingers (not just thumbs!) touch-typing I could don the clamshell HP Journadas that were the perfect form factor for me. I would love to have a modernized QWERTY smartphone that had the full clacky keyboard of the Jornada clamshel but slightly thinner with today's tech, with the same width, and length.

Anyway, still waiting, though getting disheartened about whether I have been totally ripped off unfortunately. Cavet emptor indeed!