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Uh Oh, Odoo Community Forum Not so Open?

I recently posted an Odoo community forum question asking about any options exporting from a newer version (Odoo 13), backwards to an older edition (Odoo 12). They instead tagged it as "not a question" and now it doesn't appear to show up on the community site even when searching for it. This is very dishonest, not open, and worrisome that they have a policy of covering up such questions. That worries me...

For over 6 months we've been trying to use Odoo (previously Open ERP) 13 in our production environment at RPG Research.

It had enough promise we adopted it for all our operations, but as with any product, it has not been without some challenges.

Since it is community edition, and version 13 is less than a year old, we've had some problems getting all the features we need for our company's operations.

These include:

  • Document management handling on par with (or better than) Plone's.
  • Problems with duplicate user accounts generated by the system
  • Check-in/check-out for volunteers
  • Granular permissions management (while default Odoo only has limited management)
  • Multiple groups/profiles management and access control
  • Gluu integration.
  • Discuss + Discord integration
  • And other features that are not supported in the core product.

There are some third party apps that claim to be version 13 compatible but have been problematic, and we're not getting any response from those developers or the general community.

Meanwhile I setup several other organizations and companies, some my own, others owned by others, with Odoo 12. This has been much more stable, and has far more third-party app support actually working. The layout and features are working more closely with our operation needs, etc.

So, after 6+ months of fighting with trying to get 13 to work, we're trying to go to Odoo 12.

I was hoping to save months of volunteer hours, by some kind of bulk export/import mechanisms, and so posted to the Odoo community forum, hope for them to point me in some directions to figure this out.

Unfortunately their response was far from "open" community approach. And reminiscent of Apple's policies deleting most postings related to security issues we discovered and reported in their LDAP and other network authentication setup (not encrypted even when encryption checked etc.). Apple Platinum support acknowledged by phone they were known issues with no immediate plans to fix, then they deleted all my multiple postings of the multiple security issues, and went on as though there was no such issue. When I tried to post additional security issues, those were promptly blocked as well.

Now, this Odoo issue so far isn't as serious as what happened with Apple, but this kind of hiding of undesired postings, is concerning about their general community policy and attitude. I hope this was just an overzealous individual moderator, and not a regular policy.

Here is the direct link (I don't know if the general public can get to it) that is now no longer showing up on their support pages or in searches, because they have flagged it as "Not a Question". Sheesh!

It isn't that their response is bad. Their response is reasonable, and appropriate for how complex a platform this is. I don't have an issue with that. the issue is that they then buried it.

In case you can't see it, here is the thread copied:


Moving from Odoo 13 to Odoo 12. Bulk export/import options?


The question has been closed for reason: not a real question

Ermin Trevisan
 on 05/30/2020 04:41:01


About 6 months ago we setup Odoo 13 for our nonprofit and unfortunately it turns out not to be stable enough for production use, but we've been running on it all this time, and have a lot of users, volunteers, pages, etc. on the site. I've tried over and over to fix the issues in 13 but it just doesn't seem to be ready for prime time yet.

When I was struggling with 13 so much, I tried out Odoo 12 for a few of my other small organizations, and discovered it was far more stable, and so now need to move our larger nonprofit to 12 as well.

I look forward to the day when 13 is production ready, but apparently it is unfortunately not quite there yet.

Until then, we need to move all our content from the current Odoo 13 site to a freshly setup Odoo 12.

Is it at all possible to do any bulk export/import in this reversed direction? Or are we going to have to recreate everything manually?

For example, will it work to export all our volunteers in the employee section (with all their contact information, etc. that took our volunteers months to get entered into the system) out of 13, and then bulk import them into Odoo 12? If it won't do so natively, do you have any suggestions/advice on any ways that it might be made possible? Or is this a nearly impossible task and we should just plan to try to assign our volunteers to re-do all the entries manually?

What about export/import all our web pages? Forum/FAQs? Chat logs? etc.

Appreciate any suggestions.

Thanks kindly!


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Ermin Trevisan

Depending on the number of modules installed, Odoo has (as any other business software) hundreds or even thousands of tables with numerous relationships. Forward migrating is already a very complex and tedious process, but it is supported for example by the OCA openupgrade project. Of course there is no public support for downgrading, but it is as complex.

Maybe you should focus on what you consider to be "not production ready". There are many production instances running on Odoo13, so your statement is not obvious.

However, this is a help forum for specific issues only and not a general discussion forum (you may want to use the mailing lists for that purpose (


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GenialSquad Infotech

Hello Friend,

Yes we could help you.

There are some easy way available to Move v12 to v13. But as you said,  you feel  more comfortable in Odoo v12 than Odoo v13.

So here we can do 2 things :

1) First you can share what are the prime operations you do in you business and you couldn't find it in V13(may be it's actually required less efforts and less time to solve your problem)

2) If it is not possible to use V13 for you than we can create some scripts and some direct export/import way to move Odoo 13 to Odoo 12.

You can connect with us for more help :